The COVID-19 pandemic is having unprecedented imp​​acts on the social and economic aspect of many cities. ICT solutions and digital technologies can significantly expand a city’s capacity to responses to crisis situations such as the COVID-19 scenario, from monitoring the progress and slowdown the spread of the virus to delivering early warning signals that would save countless lives. The COVID-19 pandemic is a global challenge that demands a global response. It is imper​ative that smart ​sustainable cities are coordinating with the global community to develop a comprehensive and multilateral response to the crisis, one that would safeguard the well-being of all citizens, particularly of the most vulnerable populations.

Building on experiences of cities which developed their local action plans to overcome economic consequences of COVID-19 pandemic, this thematic group will document key lessons learned in developing and implementing the action plans.

NOTE: This Thematic Group will start its activities in 2024. Relevant information on the upcoming e-meetings will be disseminated through the U4SSC Mailing-List.

Leader: (UNECE)

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