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The U4SSC actively works on a number of thematic groups, including topics surrounding city platforms, economic and financial recovery in cities and urban resilience, innovative financing for smart sustainable cities, artificial intelligence in cities, procurement and digital transformation for people-oriented cities. 

The U4SSC thematic groups develop action plans, technical specifications, case studies, guidelines and offer policy guidance for cities to become smarter and more sustainable while accelerating their digital transformation.

Ongoing Thematic Groups

Past Thematic Groups

Blockchain 4 Cities

Deliverable: Blockchain for smart sustainable cities

Guidelines on strategies for circular cities​

Deliverable: A Guide to Circular Cities and its case studies

Impact of Frontier Technologies in Cities

Deliverable: Accelerating city transformation using frontier technologies

Simple ways to be smart

Deliverable: Simple ways to be smart

Innovative Financing Instruments for Smart Sustainable Cities

Deliverable: Guidelines on tools and mechanisms to finance smart sustainable cities projects

City Science Application Framework

Deliverable: City Science Application Framework and its case studies