Eighth Meeting of United for Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SSC) – Madrid, Spain, 19 September 2024


As part of the United for Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SSC) Initiative, the eighth meeting of the U4SSC Initiative will take place in Madrid, Spain on 19 September, 2024. The meeting will be hosed by City of Madrid and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP).

The United for Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SSC) initiative is a UN initiative supported by 19 UN agencies and programmes to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 11: “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.” The U4SSC serves as the global platform to accelerate digital transformation in cities and communities.

Latest U4SSC deliverables can be found HERE.

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Date: 19 September, 2024

Contact: Cristina Bueti


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