The United for Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SSC) is a global UN initiative coordinated by ITU, UNECE and UN-Habitat, and supported by CBD, ECLAC, FAO, UNDESA, UNDP, UNECA, UNESCO, UNEP, UNEP-FI, UNFCCC, UNIDO, UNOP, UNU-EGOV, UN-Women, UNWTO and WMO. U4SSC provides an international platform for information exchange and partnership building to guide cities and communities in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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The upcoming seventh U4SSC meeting will take place on 20 June 2023. Please find details here.

Thematic Groups

The U4SSC thematic groups develop action plans, technical specifications, case studies, guidelines and offer policy guidance for cities to become smarter and more sustainable while accelerating their digital transformation.

KPIs for Smart Sustainable Cities​

The U4SSC KPIs are a vital tool for cities wishing to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They support cities and communities worldwide in evaluating their level of smartness and sustainability. ​Over 150 cities worldwide are already implementing these KPIs.

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