What is Un​ited for ​​Smart Sustainable Cities?​​​​

United for Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SSC) is a United Nations initiative coordinated by ITU, UNECE and UN-Habitat, and supported by CBD, ECLAC, FAO, UNDP, UNECA, UNESCO, UNEP, UNEP-FI, UNFCCC, UNIDO, UNOP, UNU-EGOV, UN-Women, UNWTO and WMO to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 11: “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”.

U4SSC serves as the global platform to advocate for public policy and encourage ICT use to facilitate smart sustainable cities.

Please see the U4SSC Brochure for more information on the initiative.​

Who is U4SSC aimed at?​

​​U4SSC is aimed at cities, towns, municipalities and communities (commonly referred collectively to as ‘cities’).

How can I get involved with U4SSC’s work?

You can get involved in U4SSC’s work by:​

  • ​participating in U4SSC Thematic Groups and their Working Groups;
  • featuring your smart city project in the U4SSC Implementation Programme (U4SSC-IP) and U4SSC Hub; and
  • promoting U4SSC to cities as a city representative, policy maker, smart city consultant, solution provider, etc.​
Is there a cost to join U4SSC? 

No. There is no cost to join the U4SSC. 

How can I learn about your upcoming events?

​Please subscribe to the U4SSC mailing list. ​Please see step by step instruction on how to subscribe.